BAires Weekend

pretty awesome weekend taking full advantage of living in this amazing city. friday, ryan and i had dinner with ian and his poker buddies, then ryan and i headed to a party chez gina (my landlord) and her boyfriend javier. good onda (vibes), but we turned in at a relatively early 3a.

on saturday, i woke up at 830a and decided to skip an early morning crossfit workout in favor of sleeping in and playing ultimate later in the day. so ryan and i got up late and took a stroll through my old neighborhood las cañitas en route to meet my former espn coworker buck to play some pickup ultimate. i had tried to set up a game when i was down here with noah earlier this year, with no luck, but buck had dialed in to the underground buenos aires ultimate frisbee scene and ryan and i were the lucky beneficiaries. unfortunately i underestimated how far away the fields were so ryan and i ended up trekking about an hour and a half through buenos aires to get to the game. walking helped me connect some of the places that were disjointed due to taking cabs everywhere, which was great.

after some vigorous frizzer with the huge 30-40 person turnout, ryan and i headed home via the collectivo (bus) for 1 peso (30c). it was the first time i’ve taken the bus here – when i was here earlier this year, i was always rolling with a group of people, so taxis were the preferred method of transport. i was expecting a soviet-era experience, but it was waay more modern and efficient than i expected.

cortado con vodka

we showered (separately) and hit up sudestada for some decent SE asian food. after that we hit up a couple of bars – tiki, miloca, and levitar, where we met up with buck. the highlight of the night was camp counselor ryan chatting up four 15 year old girls who wanted to get into the bar to see the men with the “biceps and abdominal-es”. they were hilarious and full of life, and easily the most entertaining people we talked to that night. it was a hilarious night that ended up with us heading home at 630a, just beating the rising sun.

me, buck, ryan

aileen, flavia, kareem, julia, buck

woke up today at 2p to make a 330p brunch reservation at olsen, a wicked scandinavian oasis in palermo hollywood that is just down the street – my apartment’s location is amazing and it’s turning out to be a real find. chilled in the sun for a couple of hours before heading to an asado at gina’s friend’s place. it was a good mix of porteños and ex-pats – great people, amazing food, delicious wine, and a halloween party invite for friday. it seems pretty easy to get connected with good people – once you’re in with a few key peeps, your social calendar can fill right up.

ryan at olsen


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